Diatom Enterprises, diatomenterprises.com @ RIGA COMM Baltic Business Technology Fair and Conference

Diatom Enterprises will help improve the efficiency of your business!


Diatom Enterprises is a software company in Latvia, providing quality custom technology solutions for companies around the globe. Our main line in business is outsourcing software development. We provide Web, Mobile and Desktop development. We boast successful business relationships with the companies representing Real Estate, Logistics, Financial Management, Tourism and other industries. Our powerful and intelligent team can enforce hundreds of new features of your already existing business system or develop a completely new project.


In 2017 Diatom Enterprises has been deeply interested in the AI, machine learning and robotics, and the Robot Pepper has been selected as a perfect platform to integrate all Diatom’s developments and to bring it to the business environment. Right now we are working on how introducing Pepper could benefit various businesses and industries. One of its most noticeable features is that Pepper can easily engage with the visitors by presenting them the company’s information and interacting when necessary to ensure the best possible experience for the person who is engaged into the dialogue. Not only will it ensure the most effective and non-linear access to all relevant information but will also take care on collecting all the relevant information of the guest.


Visit our website for www.diatomenterprises.com or get in touch with us directly via info@diatomenteprises.com to see how we could improve the efficiency of your business together!