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Cryptocurrency Wallets @ Baltic Blockchain Landscape


Continuing Baltic Blockchain Landscape mapping what we started with category Digital Currency Exchanges, as the next category put forward cryptocurrency wallets.


Where and how do you store your cryptocurrency?


Opportunities to store cryptocurrency safe and available wallet types are quite a lot, it can be physical, digital, online and offline, but much more popular is to divide as electronic, software, hardware, online, mobile or paper wallet. And in order to choose the most suitable wallet, you must evaluate its security level, usage costs, with or without crypto insurance, user interface, convenience and which coins it supports.


We will not give some comparison of wallets, that would, of course, be useful to you, but everyone is welcome to share own experience with different wallets, and at the same time we share the overview of market players. And they are divided into hardware and software wallets, check out Citowise, Change, Mycelium, Kevin, Youra, SpectroCoin, Asic Vault, Coinphone (Just5) and the last one Hodler.


Visit the RIGA COMM 2018 Blockchain Conference on 12 October to find out more.

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