Choose the right format when working with an influencer!


Achieving success in collaboration between a brand and an influencer not only requires an understanding of whether both the parties share similar values and a vision of their style of communication, but also working together in finding the best way of delivering their message. Furthermore, brands should not limit themselves to the traditional approach of placing the information in the influencer’s own content, instead trying other solutions to appeal to a broader audience.

Content creators and brand representatives will be able to meet very soon, on 14 October, at Latvia’s first influencer marketing conference, to take place as part of the RIGA COMM 2021 business tech event, at Ķīpsala International Exhibition Centre. In this article, we have put together some of the most common ways in which brands and content creators can work together.

The classic: sponsored social media content

Sponsored, brand-approved social media posts on the account of the influencer/content creator are a very common way to collaborate. This solution makes it possible to specifically control where the brand information shows up and how, but one must be very careful not to turn the paid content into something resembling a dull advertising billboard. Ideally, the brand should let the influencer produce authentic content. In order to facilitate this, the content creator needs guidelines for making content for the brand, and reasonable and detailed goals for the campaign. In order to assess the effectiveness of the collaboration, and to boost sales, the brand may provide the content creator with a special discount code.

A gift to surprise the content creator

A surprise, in the form of a beautifully wrapped gift, is another popular way for brands trying to make their name and product show up on the accounts of influencers. This approach can encourage content creators to include brand products in their content; however, one must keep in mind that in such a case (unless you have formal agreements saying otherwise) the content creator is not required to show the brand to their audience. Also, if they don’t find the product to be sufficiently good, they may say negative things about it. This is why it is important to first establish contact with the content creator in question, commenting or sharing their content, or to understand whether the content creator’s values and presentation style match those of the brand. The gift strategy is a good approach for books, fashion, cosmetics and other everyday consumer products.

A new trend in brand content: account take-over

A fairly popular and attractive collaboration format is the take-over of the brand’s account. Instead of the brand working on creating its own attractive content, the brand can hire an influencer to work on the information posted on the brand’s account for a certain period of time. A complete take-over of the account can take place, with the influencer getting access to and full control of the brand’s account, or preparing content (images, texts and videos) for the brand’s representatives to post on social media on behalf of the content creator.

This type of collaboration should only be used with a familiar and reliable influencer who has been tried in collaboration before. The take-over lasts for a certain period of time, such as a day, a week, or longer. The duration of such collaboration entirely depends on the idea of the campaign and the collaboration strategy. This approach is both interesting and beneficial to the brand, because content made by influencers is often more effective than the brand’s own.

Brand ambassador programmes

Many brands take collaboration with influencers to a higher level, asking reliable influencers to become their brand ambassadors. With this approach to collaboration, brand ambassadors use the brand’s products in their daily life, and promote them continuously. Ambassadors can represent the brand at various events and offer product gifts.

This type of collaboration should also only be used with tried and reliable influencers. As this is about long-term collaboration, one must confirm that the content creator’s views, values and aesthetics match those of the brand, and prepare and agree on clear guidelines for what the brand specifically expects the ambassador to do. There should be a plan for online content, for in-person activities; the brand must maintain regular communication with the ambassador and send them the brand’s products and free samples for the influencer to share with their audiences both on social media, and during offline events.

Streams with the content creator

Streaming is always a relevant social media format that attracts a broad range of people and makes it possible to demonstrate the brand’s personality and maintain the connection with its audience. Possible streaming formats: interviews, Q&A sessions, joint webinars, training videos, game-show-style contests, as well as any other formats that attract the audience’s attention and make it possible to achieve the goals of the brand.

Business tech fair and conferences

On 14 and 15 October, you will be able to learn about the latest technologies and tools for business development at the annual business and IT RIGA COMM event, bringing together business resource management, document management, human resources management and security system developers and distributors, cloud, internet and digital marketing service providers, developers of web solutions and mobile apps, as well as manufacturers of ICT products, for them to offer ready-made and custom solutions to companies of different sizes operating in various fields, as well as municipal entities and organisations, in order to boost their efficiency. An extensive conference programme will complement the tech exhibitions.

RIGA COMM 2021 will take place on-site, and a COVID-19 certificate will be required from its visitors

To access the event at the Exhibition Centre, its visitors will have to be present a valid digital EU COVID-19 certificate, a personal identification document and a ticket to the fair. More about attendance rules.

The BT 1 International Exhibition Company organises the event, in conjunction with its partners: Cognizant, Intelligent Machines Riga, Riga TechGirls, SmartHR Latvija, Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mailigen by Pipedrive, Promoty, Finance Latvia Association, A. W. Olsen & Partners and others.

Venue and time of the event:
Ķīpsala International Exhibition Centre (at Ķīpsalas iela 8, Riga)
14 October, 10:00–17:00
15 October, 10:00–17:00

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