Baltic Business Technology Fair and Conference RIGA COMM

Business technology fair and conferences in 2018


RIGA COMM is an annual IT and business event for entrepreneurs of service and manufacturing fields, multi-level executives of state institutions and organisations and professionals representing multiple fields of operation, where they can learn about the latest offers of digital service providers and product manufacturers from the Baltics and other countries, consult with knowledgeable specialists and together select the solutions that are most suitable for businesses or organisations, all in the same place.


The goal of the exhibition is to encourage modernisation of companies, organisations, state and municipal institutions for more effective operation. The content of the exhibition is suitable for entrepreneurs and executives of all fields.


Such great conferences will be available this year on October 11th and 12th:


1. Executive Forum (EN) –


2. Internet of Things Conference (EN) –


3. Blockchain Conference (EN) –


4. Productivity Conference (LV) –


5. Machine Learning Practical Application Conference (EN) –


6. Digital Marketing Stage (LV/EN) –


7. Smart HR Conference (EN) –


8. Coming soon…



Also, side events like:

1. ALSO University: Latest ICT products and services

2. Brokerage Event: Find new business and research partners


And in the planning process have more side events. Continue to follow RIGA COMM and we guarantee that at least one topic or event will be useful for you personally, but definitely, overall the whole event is valuable for your organization.


Take your pas to RIGA COMM already here –