b-studio will introduce to the trends of digital content development


The brand studio b-studio will introduce the visitors of the exhibition to the trends of digital content development and the concept of b-studio identity. Visitors will be able to learn about creative solutions and ideas that b-studio can help to bring to life.

b-studio stands for things, ideas and solutions that find place in people’s minds. The design and communication of the exhibition stand will represent studio approach to content creation, where everyone will be able to meet representatives of the creative industry and content creators, who will answer the questions of those interested in creative field of work, as well as get acquainted with a product  of new brand @be_personal_cards.

b-studio is a multifunctional lifestyle, photo and video studio with a kitchen area for those who want to be noticed. b-studio creates digital and visual content for different products and brands, focusing on lifestyle and commercial photo sessions, composition and design, and video production from idea to end result.

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