Alpha Visum – Time series data indexing for behavior analysis


“Alpha Visum” will present an algorithm that can convert time series data of any length into one single index that will contain main behavioral features of original data. Time series data are data that are created with some regularity, for example, fixed amount at Your balance at the end of the day. During exhibition Alpha Visum will introduce with practical examples of how the created indexes can be used as a single parameter to help easily search, group, filter, find anomalies or forecast time series based on data behavior within large datasets as well as use them as an additional parameter for AI, machine learning and financial scoring models.

Visitors will be able to view demonstration tests, as well as obtain additional detailed information about the technology that is built as cloud computing services using newest API technologies and is easy to access and integrate without interfering existing infrastructures. Practical examples will allow to see scalability of the technology and its ability to process data at high speed in real time and without any limitations.

Alpha Visum created solution is adoptable to different sectors but especially beneficial for financial sector data analysis. Meanwhile, there is currently no equivalent solution on the market that allows to group, filter, or use visual behavior as a separate parameter for data modeling.

Alpha Visum is Latvian company that was established in 2017 by uniting people with financial technologies and artificial intelligence experience.

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