Advances in non-contact skin screening


Startup Bdetect offers a multispectral non-contact melanoma screening device that allows accurate, simple and fast skin formation analysis for users without prior knowledge.

Unlike its competitors, the developed device performs multispectral skin analysis using five light sources: infrared, red, green, violet (405nm) and white, and all information obtained during the analysis is sent in encrypted form using wireless technology to the cloud system, where it is easily accessible to the user of the device.

In addition to the already mentioned advantages, the developed device stands out with the following technical features:

* The camera’s field of view is 25 mm,

* Analysis of one skin formation takes 10 seconds,

* All operations are automatic, data is easy to read,

* The device does not require specialized knowledge,

* The diagnosis of the skin formations is viewable through the cloud system,

* The device is linked to a specific doctor’s account, ensuring confidentiality,

* The device works wirelessly and can provide up to 2 hours of continuous operation with one battery charge,

*  The device has been clinically tested using more than 3000 different skin formations,

* Device sensitivity and specificity > 90%.

Every visitor to the exhibition will have the opportunity to try this device out themselves, and visitors are invited to scan various skin formations.

The company’s team is open to various collaborations, as well as provides an opportunity for medical institutions to try this device for free.

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