“ADSPOT” will present “outdoor advertising on move”


The company “ADSPOT” will present to visitors a completely new product / service in the Baltics – “outdoor advertising on move”, which is a particularly visible outdoor advertising solution at events and places where the usual large-format advertising is not available, delivering a message to customers anywhere, anytime, even in dark time of the day, thanks to led backlit displays.

Outdoor advertising on the move provides an opportunity not only to inform potential customers with the help of large-format advertising, but also to issue informative flyers, oral consultations and receive the customer’s opinion in person, provided by the two-in-one service – promoter and outdoor advertising stand.

SIA “ADSPOT” has been offering various BTL marketing solutions to other companies for several years to ensure their successful development and reach new customers, such as human resources and commercial advertising projects where human resources participation is required, such as promotions, presentations and tastings. A mystery shopper who will see the true reflection of the quality of the company’s work in the eyes of the customer and improve the quality of services provided, as well as face-to-face analysis to understand customers and weak business points by contacting the company’s customers.

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