A system to monitor and prevent mental fatigue: at the Innovation stand


SIA Integris and the Smart Computer Tech Institute of Riga Technical University will present a system for monitoring and assessing mental fatigue at the Innovation stand of RIGA COMM; the purpose of the system is to warn its users in advance about the need to take a break and relax. The system is intended for professions where fatigue can lead to dangerous situations, such as machinery operators, air traffic controllers and vehicle drivers.

The system has been developed in conjunction with researchers and entrepreneurs from Lithuania, as part of the Eureka European research programme (E! 1169 Fatigue project).

The Latvian partners of this project focused on mental fatigue research, leading to the development of an innovative expert mental monitoring system that analyses the eye movements of the user and the rhythm at which the user’s brain works.

The Lithuanian partners studied the assessment of capacity to work, developing a special set of tests to determine the degree of physical fatigue.

The company is an RTU institute, and is interested in various types of collaboration that will lead to perfecting and implementing this system.