Raķete Latvijas simtgadei @ RIGA COMM Baltic Business Technology Fair and Conference

A rocket dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Latvia and other innovations at “RIGA COMM 2017” already this week!


On 9 and 10 November, come to “RIGA COMM 2017” in Ķīpsala to see and try out inventions of foreign and Latvian scientists, researchers and enthusiasts, including a rocket that has been made for the 100th anniversary of Latvia, smart parking and the Li-Fi technology, which is 100 times faster than Wi-Fi.


Innovation encourages development of mankind and makes life more convenient. In Latvia there is a new generation of young people having interesting and brave ideas that should evolve and be shown to the rest of the world. Thanks to BlueOrange number of young scientists has got this opportunity at the attractive innovation exhibition stand.


Automatic measuring station for the prevention of international terrorism

Researchers of the Transport and Telecommunication Institute are offering a great solution that makes it possible to automatically identify and even weigh a moving vehicle. They have come up with a multifunctional automatic measuring station (WIM), which works with long-term optical fibre sensors that are built into the surface of the road.


This unique measuring station may not only be used for the development of smart transport systems and ensuring road safety (measuring the speed, weight, axle load, cargo alignment and tyre pressure of vehicles), but also for catching smugglers and preventing terrorist attacks! The researchers have developed a unique solution for detecting the identification parameters of vehicles – WIM may detect the number of axles on a car, the distance between them, size of the tyre base, width of the tyre tread, the actual weight of the load and compare all of this to the registration parameters of the vehicle and the declared cargo weight.


Smart parking

The everyday problems of large cities – parking and traffic jams. But how to solve them in the future? Here’s what researchers of the Faculty of Information Technologies of the Latvia University of Agriculture – Aleksejs Zacepins, Vitālijs Komašilovs and Armands Kviesis – have to offer! They have developed a mobile app for parking, which indicates free parking places in real time and in a very clear manner. Finally, parking will become convenient and efficient. Whereas the automated monitoring of traffic flows and counting of vehicles in real time, carried out by using video-cameras and image recognition, may assist in the optimisation of traffic flows within cities.


Data transmission at the speed of light!

You might have already heard about Li-Fi technology! If not, Li-Fi technology refers to data transmission with the use of an ultraviolet or infrared light. This solution makes it possible to increase the speed of data transmission up to 100 times in comparison to the currently widespread Wi-Fi. There are currently no finished products on the market, there are only concepts and several scientific articles on the technology. Visitors of the fair will have the opportunity to try out the technology at the “BlueOrange” innovation stand, as it will be used to transfer data from one computer to another, and it will also be possible to talk to the developers of the prototype – students of the Institute of Industrial Electronics and Electrical Engineering of Riga Technical University.


Long live the bees!

The mass extinction of bees has been troubling the minds of scientists all over the world for quite some time. It is not possible to identify all of the causes and solve them, however, there are certain actions that may be taken! By cooperating with the Latvian Beekeepers’ Association, information technology researchers of the Latvia University of Agriculture have been testing and improving a smart beekeeping solution – a temperature-monitoring and decision support system for bee colonies in Latvia, as well as abroad. It makes it possible for beekeepers to remotely check on the temperature of the beehive and even weigh a bee colony with the help of an app, thus being able to predict the future behaviour of the colony.


Rocket dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Latvia

Latvia’s own space rocket? Yes indeed, it will be possible to view a rocket dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Latvia, which has been developed by rocket designer Andrejs Puķītis in cooperation with the ZINOO centre for the project “Latvia’s first 100 km into space”. The authors wish to create a rocket, which would be able fly as high as 100 km, thus reaching open space, before the 100th anniversary of Latvia.


The high-power pilot rocket was launched from the Airfield of Cēsis on 9 September – Space Day. It is the first aircraft created in Latvia that may reach supersonic speed – more than 1,235 km/h. To compare, the maximum flying speed of “Bombardier CS300” planes of the “AirBaltic” airline amount to 871 km/h. Make use of the opportunity and talk to the designer of the rocket!


Another aircraft – the radio-controlled aircraft model prototype “Sci-Ar”, which is meant for flying in the “ACES” sports class and amateur flights – will be presented by the RTU “Design Factory” & “IdeaLab”.


Creepy Heads

New technologies are also rapidly entering the world of arts. Creepy Heads is an art installation created by Luka Tsulaia (Estonia), winner of the Garage48 Hardware & Arts Hackathon. It uses face and object tracing technology and a mechanical system for turning the heads. The entire system is connected to a central device, which controls it. You might feel a little odd when entering the art space, as the controllable heads will “follow” your every move, and they will also express remarks regarding your looks!


If you wish to view these and other smart devices and gadgets made in Latvia and abroad in person – we will be waiting for you at “RIGA COMM 2017” in Ķīpsala this week!


As you may know, the only business technology and innovation fair in the Baltics – “RIGA COMM 2017” – will be taking place in Ķīpsala on 9 and 10 November. Business and IT solutions, the hottest technology news and innovative smart devices will be presented by more than 90 enterprises from 10 countries.


Alongside the exhibition of “RIGA COMM”, the only Internet of Things conference in the Baltics will be taking place for the second time together with the “Horizon 2020” brokerage event and “ALSO University” seminars. For the first time ever, the fair will also include the “Executive Forum”, the Artificial Intelligence conference, as well as “Blockchain”, “Pure//Baltics. Launch” and “Smart HR” conferences. Visitors will find the popular digital sales and marketing lectures especially useful, with them taking place on the Digital Marketing Stage on both days of the fair. Complete programme of events: https://rigacomm.com/lv/programma/



Tickets are valid for all days of the fair. The current ticket price – 20 euros. The price of the tickets will go up during the event. Tickets may be purchased on the website of the fair www.rigacomm.com or on the ticket platform BezRindas.lv.


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