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Kipsala International Exhibition Centre, Riga

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International Exhibition

Company “BT 1”

Kipsalas street 8, Riga,  Latvia



Project Manager

Andris Breške

Tel.: +371 67067524

GSM: +371 29357535

E-mail: andris.breske[at]


PR Project Manager

Dace Dambe

Tel.: +371 67067525

GSM: +371 26410381

E-mail: dace.dambe[at]

For Media

In order media representatives could work at “RIGA COMM“, they have to be accredited in advance and must obtain media passes. Accreditation of media representatives will start from 1st November 2017.

It is possible to get accredited for the exhibition electronically, by filling in an accreditation form and attaching a personal photo (3x4cm). Two representatives from each medium will be accredited.

Accreditation card is an important document for any media representative because it:
• guarantees free access to fairground;
• permits to use Media Centre facilities;
• ensures an opportunity to partake in the events planned only for the media.

You can get your accreditation card before the fair at the International Exhibition Centre in Kipsala by contacting Ms. Inese Libere, media coordinator, on the telephone: +371 29450037 or through e-mail: inese.libere[at]

During the exhibition, you can receive your accreditation card in the Media Centre, telling the guards your name and presenting a personal identity document. Only accredited media representatives will have free entry to the exhibition! There will be no accreditation during the exhibition!

Inese Libere

Media Coordinator

Inese Libere

Tel.: +371 67065011
GSM: +371 29450037
E-mail: inese.libere[at]